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Your clothes affect how you feel

As our style and looks evolve through seasons, life and time experiences, we recognise the importance of asking for help. Hairdressers, beauticians, personal stylists, shopping assistants and personal trainers all contribute towards our external appearance. It is not a solo effort!

Additionally, an important part of mindful dressing is understanding that what you wear has energy and that it can affect how you feel. Your clothing, just like your hair style, can either soften your looks or dull your inner light.

So, with this in mind it’s worth thinking about the image you wish to present to the outside world and how you want to feel on your inside world and what specialists you might require.

Whether you love or hate fashion or are somewhere in-between, our collaboration will give you the know-how and the confidence to find & wear clothing that makes you happy and confident with the way you look and feel.

Let’s build on your strengths, realign your wardrobe with who you are and use your clothes to boost your mood and build your self-esteem!

Mindful Dressing

My approach uses a mindfulness technique to help you to dress with purpose easily & effortlessly, so that you can make the best fashion choices for you and your lifestyle. You will discover:

  • The styles that suit you
  • The colours that enhance your natural tones
  • The outfits that enhance your body composition
  • How to put outfits together
  • Where to shop to find your clothing
  • How to stop impulse or panic buying
  • How to create a capsule wardrobe
  • How to work with what’s in your wardrobe already
  • How to dress intuitively and take your styling to the next level

You can rest assured that you will be in safe hands. I will be with you every step of the way.

“Dress to feel your best every day
– Kasia


With a flair for UK & European fashion influences, you will receive a bespoke experience tailored to your needs. You can choose one or more of the following services on hourly basis or as a package tap:

  • Colour Analysis – identify the colour palette for your natural tones
  • Style & Shape Analysis – identify and dress for your body line, scale & proportions
  • Wardrobe Wellness – review the clothing that you love that suits you best
  • Personal Shopping – how to find the relevant shops & boutiques and how to select the right clothing, colours and styles
  • Fashion Feng Shui Styling – combine fashion psychology and ancient elemental philosophy; identify your two essences, enabling you to dress with intention for your spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and social wellbeing

The above services can be virtual or face-to-face (in person sessions are available within 20 miles of Hove, East Sussex). Group & party sessions are also available.

Fashion Feng Shui

Consider for a moment that your fashion choices have purpose: to attract and achieve; to harmonize and balance. In the same vein, your clothing absorbs & transmits energy and by harnessing positive vibrations in your clothes can positively influence your wellbeing and your life. This is Fashion Feng Shui. In summary, there are five energy elements: Water, Earth, Wood, Fire and Metal. Each one has its own archetype persona, characteristic & traits. In addition, each of the elements embodies a purpose in your clothing and has an energetic benefit.

Guidance and support is provided and the process covers:

  • Understanding the energy & purpose of the five elements
  • Identifying the two primary elements that resonate with you – ‘talk to you’
  • Discovering your essence elemental clothing – the essence of who you are
  • How to dress your essence and purpose elemental clothing to:
    • Attract & achieve your goals, desires or dreams
    • Create harmony and balance within – feel at ease with yourself

Fashion Feng Shui is an innovative approach that blends energy with fashion to dress your mind, body & spirit. When we wear clothes that feel ‘right’ our inner being and outer existence are in sync – by feeling good on the inside, attracts more of what we want into our lives.

Your clothes affect how you feel

It is important to ask for help as our style & looks evolve through life & time experiences. Your hairstyle as clothing can soften your looks or dull your inner light.

Hairdressers, beauticians, personal stylists, shopping assistants, personal trainers all contribute towards your external appearance. It is not a solo effort. Worth thinking about the image we desire to present to the outside world and how we want to feel on our inside world and what specialists we might require to help us with this task.

I help people of all ages to dress deliberately for how they want to look and feel, so that this positively influences all aspects of their life.

Whether you love or hate fashion or are somewhere in-between, our collaboration will give you the know-how and the confidence to find & wear clothing that makes you look and feel good.

A key part of mindful dressing is understanding that what you wear has energy and that it can affect how you feel. With this in mind, we will explore how you can dress to positively affect how:

  • You want to feel
  • You wish to be seen
  • To attract a desired opportunity or outcome in your daily life, situations, or events

Personal shopping for women

A personal shopping session is the ideal way to find the most suitable and flattering items of clothing for you to wear every day, for work or for a special occasion.
From 2 hours

“Kasia is passionate for fashion and it shows in everything she does, from a very professional approach to her clients, always friendly smile, to the gift of immediately being able to spot this one thing that will brighten up your look. Highly recommended.

Colour analysis for men & women

Colour is the foundation for any wardrobe. Begin your personal style adventure and discover your bespoke palette of colours to enhance your natural looks.
From 90 minutes

“Getting my colours done has been more about self-esteem and self care than I imagined. I feel empowered.”

Ladies Style consultation

Define your unique style profile, with a Style Consultation from Kasia. You will learn about your style personality. Also, how best to dress your body shape, body line, scale and lifestyle. This will enable you to avoid costly fashion mistakes and claim back your confidence.
From 2 hours

“Thanks to Kasia, I discovered different colours then black-and-white. My wardrobe looks like spring all year round. I’ve started to play more with fashion and with colours she advised me. Thank you so much!”

Wardrobe review for women

Is your wardrobe jam-packed full of clothes, yet you have nothing to wear? The Wardrobe Review is a great way to organise your wardrobe. It’s also an opportunity to assess which clothes bring out of the best in you and which might need to go. At the end of our time together, you will have a harmonious, well co-ordinated wardrobe.
From 2 hours

“Kasia is a great stylist. She’s helped me discover my colour palette, and ever since my wardrobe looks much more colourful with lots of earth greens, oranges and yellows.”

Work image & style review for men

If you have an upcoming job interview, presentation or would like to makeover your work style, Kasia’s expertise will help you dress to impress. You will discover the right colours, fabrics, prints, shapes and styles that fit both you and your lifestyle. Overall, helping you to feel more confident in your working environment.
Men’s work style review is available from 2 hours

“The consultation is worth every penny and more. So much so, I have bought birthday gift vouchers for many of my friends who also loved the experience.I would highly recommend Kasia!”


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